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How to use a Reed Diffuser

12th Avenue Candles Reed Diffuser
Reed diffusers are a great alternative to candles. There is no need to monitor them as there is not need for naked flame or heat to disperse the scent making them a super safe way to enjoy fragrance 24/7.


Places reed diffusers have the advantage over candles

  • Office spaces


  • Retail showrooms or home areas, show homes and open homes where it isn’t practical to have a candle burning


  • Places like rest homes, where the residents would love the fragrance but naked flame isn’t safe.



They also tend to last longer than candles, making them a cost effective way to enjoy fragrance every day.  

12th Avenue Reed diffusers come in a lovely square glass vessel with a natural wood neck and 6 natural rattan reeds making them visually appealing and modern.

They are super simple to use and work on a rotation system of absorption and evaporation.  

Simply place the reeds into the vessel containing the fragrance blend which allows the reeds soak up the fragrance. The fragrance with then disperse into the environment creating a beautiful aroma for you to enjoy.


We strongly recommend the following;


  • Flip the reeds once a week over a sink as the oils can damage wood or paintwork.


  • Place you diffuser in an area with a little air flow as this helps lift the fragrance and move it around the room. Do not get the reeds wet with water as this will clog them and they will no longer absorb the oils


  • Think about the mood you wish to create and select your fragrance accordingly. For instance bedrooms are a place of restfulness so think about fragrances that have relaxing qualities. In the kitchen reed diffusers are fantastic in a citrus fragrance as this helps dispel cooking odors. In the laundry fragrances such as clean linen or our famous and much sort after signature scent of Moturata are perfect. I have another of our signature fragrances in my living room (Absolute Gold) and it is perfection.


  • After the oils have been completely evaporated you can clean out the glass jar and use it for herbs or a little bud vase. Or if you live locally you have the option to get it refilled at a discount but please remember to keep the little bung so it can be sealed up for transport.



Reed diffusers are also great to layer scents so consider buying a diffuser and a candle in the same fragrance to really add a punch to your space.


Having trouble selecting a fragrance? Pop over to our fragrance notes page for a breakdown of how each fragrance smells or feel free to contact me and I’ll try to match you to the perfect fragrance.


I’d love to hear what fragrances you enjoy so please leave a comment.




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