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The Best Smelling Scented Candles

Here, at 12th Avenue Candles we strive to offer only the best smelling scented candles.

Fragrance is very subjective so we have put together a range of the best scented candles in some of the most popular scents as well as developing our own blends inspired by our beautiful country - New Zealand/Aotearoa.

  1. Floral  - Best for purity and relieving stress
  2. Woodsy - Best for feeling strong, reassured and grounded
  3. Citrus/Fruity - Best for awakening and energizing the mind 
  4. Marine - Best for calming and resetting the mind


By using these notes and adding complimentary layers your best, most amazing, scented candle is born. 

It is important to note that many fragrances sit across multiple fragrance families and therefore you can reap many different wellness benefits from just one candle.  

Look out for the specific ingredients of a fragrance and tap into what you are hoping to get out of your candle before investing. You can find a detailed description of each scent on our Fragrance Notes page.

Once you have chosen your fragrance, it is important that you establish a ritual in order to help create an association within your brain and get the most benefits from your scented candle.

For example, if you have invested in an energizing fruity candle, light it first thing in the morning to awaken your mind and to help it to associate that scent with the start of your day.

Then in the evening, as you unwind from the day consider lighting a soothing floral or marine to relieve stress and calm the senses.

Scented candles will forever be about experimenting and having fun so don’t forget to take time to enjoy every new scent journey.  

Having trouble deciding on which scented candle is right for you?

12th Avenue Candles offer sample packs of tea light candles to try before you commit to a larger candle.

These come in packs of 6 and also make lovely teacher gifts or a thank you gifts to friends. 

Wax melts are another great alternative to test out a fragrance. 12th Avenue Candles have created a range of wax melts sustainably packed a refillable white gloss container. 

We are committed to creating the best scented candle for you so do not hesitate to reach out for any advice on which fragrance might suit.

All orders receive a free sample wax melt for you to experiment with and help pin point which of our amazing candles will deliver the ultimate scented candle experience.




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